Job Title:

Senior Software Developer

Type: Full-Time

Location: Songshan District, Taipei City

Posted: May 24, 2018

Job Description

Seeking an experienced Senior Software Engineer to continue delivering features to client and help maintain/enhance our existing codebase. Day-to-Day, the job involves implementing new features using secured API endpoints, clean front-end components, enhanced automated testing, application optimization etc. High-quality code and the ability to deliver milestones to production in a timely manner is a key metric for success.


  • Commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and quality product is important
  • Maintain and build a Rails application codebase
  • Keep in touch with Ruby and Rails version upgrades and new features
  • Enforce good practices in development
  • Make things respond fast with the least resources possible
  • Interact with other colleagues in a spirit of sharing and optimization
  • Collaborate in documenting your work with team members and for future reference
  • Take full advantage of Postgres with SQL views, cursors, time-based triggering and a willingness to drop from ActiveRecord to raw SQL whenever possible.


  • Excellent operational English, spoken and written
  • Ability to understand business priorities and advise on fastest road to production
  • Ability to work autonomously, set up deadlines and respect them
  • Knowledge of basic development tools of the trade (git, bash scripting, command-line, editors, etc.)
  • 6+ years of Software Development experience
  • Knowledge of RSpec or minitest tests coverage
  • Proficiency in Web Application Benchmarking
  • Familiarity with API-based application in conjunction with React and Redux
  • Working knowledge of RDBMS
  • Knowledge and respect for industry standards (12 factors, abstractions, design patterns, etc,.)
  • Degrees in Engineering or Computer Science