Job Title:

Search Engine Engineer (Solr)

Type: Full-Time

Location: Songshan District, Taipei City

Job Description

As a search engine & data processing engineer, you will be working on developing, maintaining, testing and optimizing search engines, aggregators as well as determine best practices that involve high volume transactions and ETL dependencies.


  • Analyze unstructured data for ingest
  • Design and develop ingest processes
  • Design and develop Solr schema for efficiency -> understand Solr
  • Design and develop interfaces for application searches
  • Design network architecture for Solr cluster
  • Design and develop incremental update procedures
  • Design and build data collection replacement strategy
  • Define and configure Solr index schemas for multiple data elements
  • Build Solr queries for numerous search requirements
  • Design and develop search engine monitoring tools
  • Monitor and audit search application performance through load testing, search testing, query response time testing and report activities on an on-going basis


  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field or an equivalent amount of work experience plus a minimum of 8 years of relevant work experience
  • 4+ years of experience using and working with Apache Solr
  • 4+ years of experience implementing Solr builds of indexes, shards, and refined searches across un-structured datasets to include architectural scaling
  • 5+ years of experience in architectural design and resource planning for scaling Solr capabilities
  • 3+ years of experience with automated techniques and processes for bulk indexing of large-scale datasets residing in databases or un-indexed systems.
  • 2+ years of experience working on Scrum or other agile development based methodologies
  • 2+ years of experience leading development efforts


  • Hadoop specific experience
  • Familiarity with Entity Resolution technology
  • Familiarity with architecture, both logical and physical design
  • Experience with distributed queuing with technologies like Kafka
  • Engineering experience in Java or Scala a plus